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Respiralogics introduces 30500 Series Baby Head Band and Circuit Bumpers

Reno, Nevada – Spring 2018

Finally, a solution for clinicians needing a more comfortable and versatile way to secure nasal prongs on their most demanding patients.

Baby Head Band and Circuit Bumpers are intended to secure the nasal interface during oxygen therapy, nCPAP or NIV therapy.

Baby Head Band

The Baby Head Band is made of breathable, non-latex foam that absorbs and wicks away moisture leaving the scalp and skin dry. The soft material of the head band allows it to conform to even the tiniest of heads while maintaining the circuit position. The soft outer covering of the Baby Head Band allows for easy head movement while holding the nasal prongs and circuit stable.

The new reversible Circuit Bumpers secure and stabilize the position of the inspiratory and expiratory limbs to the soft outer side of Head Band while providing optimal positioning for infants of all shapes and sizes.

The Head Band and Circuit Bumpers work in conjunction with neonatal/pediatric ventilator circuits and oxygen therapy tubing.


Designed for use in NICU, PICU, surgery and clinics for stable positioning of nasal interface.

Respiralogics specializes in providing innovative respiratory care products to meet the challenging needs of respiratory patients. To benefit clinicians, we have joined with leading specialty respiratory distributors to provide expert local assistance and the training required for successful implementation of our products.

The Respiralogics complete line of products are available from Respiralogics and our specialty respiratory care distributors. Visit for all Respiralogics products and information.

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For more information, contact Respiralogics at 1.775.954.0160

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