Babi.Plus® nTest Lung

Neonatal lung simulator

The Babi.Plus nTest Lung is an easy to use neonatal test lung for demonstration and testing applications with infant and neonatal ventilator support devices. The nTest Lung consists of two individual silicone lungs and a Y connector. Each Test Lung is color coded around the neck to easily identify the individual lung resistance. The nTest Lung is the ideal instrument for training and demonstration in addition to performing ventilator verification testing.



Compliance: approximate 2.0 mL/cm H20
Tidal Volume: 25 ml each silicone bag – 50 ml total
Resistance: 90, 145, 300 and 600 cm H20/L/s at 1 L/sec
Interface Connector: Y connector with 15/10 mm port
Straight Connector: 10 mm OD
Pressure Monitoring Port: 4.3 mm ID
Weight: 43 grams

Ordering Information:

Part Number Product Quantity
2010-300 Babi.Plus nTest Lung, R300 1 each per box

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Babi.Plus nTest Lung

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Babi.Plus nTest Lung
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