Baby Chin Strap™

For babies who can't keep their mouths closed

Baby Chin Strap is a single patient use device intended to help keep small patients mouth’s closed during delivery of nasal CPAP and NIV therapy. Baby Chin Strap offers support to the smallest of patients with a soft, skin friendly strap that cups the chin and is secured to the Baby Cap with Hook and Loop tabs. Baby Chin Strap is adjustable to provide support to easily close the mouth and is a comfortable solution for mouth leaks.

The Baby Chin Strap was developed to pair with the Babi.Plus® Bubble CPAP product line. The Baby Cap™, Baby Nose Bumper™ and Circuit Bumpers™, Babi.Plus Bubble PAP Valve, Babi.Plus Cannula Kits, Babi.Plus Pressure Relief Manifold are companion products to the Baby Chin Strap.

The Baby Chin Strap can be used in neonatal critical care units, delivery rooms, pediatric critical care units and special procedure units.

Baby Chin Strap

Features and Benefits

Ordering Information:

Part Number Product Quantity
30400 Baby Chin Strap 20 per box
30400C Baby Chin Strap 80 per case

Companion Products:

Part Number Product
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30150 Baby Nose Bumper Replacement
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30302 Baby Cap and Circuit Bumpers - Size 2
30303 Baby Cap and Circuit Bumpers - Size 3
30304 Baby Cap and Circuit Bumpers - Size 4
30305 Baby Cap and Circuit Bumpers - Size 5
30306 Baby Cap and Circuit Bumpers - Size 6
30307 Baby Cap and Circuit Bumpers - Size 7
Babi.Plus® Bubble CPAP Products:
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1016 Babi.Plus nCPAP Complete Kit - Small
1026 Babi.Plus nCPAP Complete Kit – Large

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Baby Chin Strap

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