Venti.Plus™ Single Pole Clamp & Dual Pole Clamp

Convenient method to attach Babi.Plus® Bubble PAP Valve

The Venti.Plus Single Pole Clamp and Venti.Plus Dual Pole Clamp are sturdy pole clamps designed to support the Babi.Plus Bubble PAP Valv on a typical equipment pole. The Venti.Plus Single Pole Clamp is durable and intended to support weight of ≤ 3.0 kg. The unique Venti.Plus Dual Pole Clamp is intended to support a tandem weight of ≤10 kg of two products on an equipment pole, specifically to hold the Bubble PAP Valve and a humidifier. The Pole Clamps provide a convenient method to mount the Babi.Plus Bubble PAP Valve to a variety of equipment poles.

The Venti.Plus Pole Clamps are ISO compliant for mounting on poles 2.0 to 3.2 cm in diameter.The Venti.Plus Pole Clamps are a companion product for the Babi.Plus Bubble PAP Valve and allow for mounting of the Bubble PAP Valve, humidifiers or other devices.


Ordering Information:

Part Number Product Quantity
1005 Venti.Plus Single Pole Clamp 1 each
1006 Venti.Plus Dual Pole Clamp 1 each

Companion Products:

Part Number Product
1002 Babi.Plus Bubble CPAP Kit with Bubble PAP Valve and Pressure Relief Manifold
1000 Babi.Plus Bubble PAP Valve
1016 Babi.Plus nCPAP Complete Kit - Small
1026 Babi.Plus nCPAP Complete Kit - Large

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Venti.Plus is a trademark of GaleMed Corporation.

Venti.Plus Single Pole Clamp
Venti.Plus Dual Pole Clamp

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