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Respiralogics Introduces new “baby” Line

San Marcos, California – 1 July 2013
Respiralogics’ new baby line represents a major leap forward in the delivery and maintenance of nCPAP and non-invasive ventilation for infants in the NICU and PICU by providing comfortable, secure and skin-friendly fixation.
Clinicians’ experiences and critical eye were integral in the design and development of the baby products, which were developed after listening to many a clinician’s frustration with current products and to their wish lists for better solutions.

The new Respiralogics line includes:
baby nose bumper™ and circuit bumpers™ for the baby who Just Wants To Have A Pretty Nose after therapy is complete. The skin-friendly Baby Nose Bumper “mustache” is made of RespiraGel™, Respiralogics’ new hydrocolloid- based adhesive. Baby Nose Bumper gently holds the nasal interface to the mustache-area, providing a secure grip and gentle cushion for the nares. Circuit Bumpers provide a cushion for the breathing circuit by gently attaching the inspiratory and expiratory limbs to the Baby Cap. Baby Nose Bumper and Circuit Bumpers allow ideal fixation and comfort of the patient interface.
baby cap™ is for the baby who Just Wants A Soft, Comfortable Cap. Baby Cap holds the nasal prongs and circuit in place, providing optimal fixation for infant nCPAP and NIV. The inspiratory and expiratory limbs are secured to the Baby Cap with Circuit Bumpers.
baby chin strap™ is for the baby who Just Can’t Keep Their Mouth Closed. Baby Chin Strap is a single patient use device intended to help keep small patients’ mouths closed during delivery of nasal CPAP and NIV. Baby Chin Strap provides support with a soft, skin-friendly strap placed under the chin and secured to the Baby Cap with hook and loop tabs. Baby Chin Strap is a comfortable solution for mouth leaks. It adjusts to provide the support needed to easily close the mouth.

“Respiralogics specializes in providing tools to meet the unique needs of respiratory patients. We listen to our customers and use that knowledge to assist in development and support of specialty products,” said Beth Keifer, Respiralogics co-owner. “To further benefit clinicians, we have joined with leading specialty respiratory distributors to provide expert local assistance and the training required for successful implementation.”

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About Respiralogics

Respiralogics is a provider of innovative products for hospital, emergency, home and specialty care dedicated to providing clinicians with exceptional products.  The Respiralogics product line includes the Babi.Plus Bubble® nCPAP System, Danny Ties™ trach ties, Sil.Flex™ Stoma Pad, Sil.Flex™ TC Pad and Venti.Plus™ Test Lungs and the new “baby” line.

Babi.Plus is a registered trademark of A Plus Medical.
Sil.Flex and Venti.Plus are trademarks of A Plus Medical.
Danny Ties is a trademark of Leckie Medical Products, Inc.

For more information, contact Respiralogics at 760.560.3555

Company: Respiralogics, a Global Respiratory Solutions, Inc. Company
Address: 3545 Airway Drive, Suite 104
Reno, NV 89511 USA
Tel/Fax: 1.775.954.0160
Contact: Beth Keifer

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