StatStrap® Neonatal Positioning Strap

Safely secures and positions newborn infants of various sizes within a neonatal incubator

The StatStrap Neonatal Positioning Strap is designed as a positioning aid for use in incubators equipped with slotted mattress trays. StatStraps are single-patient, disposable-use items.

StatStraps are constructed of soft laminated foam material with hook-wing tabs on each strap to allow secure closure of the strap to the mattress tray.

Once the StatStraps are in place and securely fastened to the mattress tray, the straps cross over the infant body in an “X” pattern and attach to each other. The straps aid in positioning the patient and preventing gross body movement or falls. A Safety Tie Strap is included to secure the main straps together into a single unit.

Caution: Not a DOT restraint device and cannot provide any protection to patient or attendant in event of an aircraft/vehicle crash or rapid deceleration.

Features and Benefits

Ordering Information

Part Number Product Quantity
41025 StatStrap Neonatal Positioning Strap Box: 25 sets
41050 StatStrap Neonatal Positioning Strap Case: 4 boxes of 25/box

Companion Products

Part Number Product Quantity
45105 Preemie Beenie™ – Size 1 (≤ 25 weeks GSA) - White 50 per box
45205 Preemie Beenie – Size 2 (25 to 28 weeks GSA) - Blue and white striped 50 per box
45305 Preemie Beenie – Size 3 (≥ 29 weeks GSA) – Green and white striped 50 per box
49050 StatStrap Circuit Holder 50 per box

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StatStrapNeonatalPositioning Strap
StatStrap Neonatal Positioning Strap

StatStrap Neonatal Positioning Strap
StatStrap Neonatal Positioning Strap
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