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Respiratory Distress Syndrome in the very low birth weight and premature infant is commonly caused by lung immaturity and surfactant deficiency. Survival and outcomes have improved over the past 30 years in this patient population as a result of treatment modalities; delivery of surfactant and early use of non-invasive respiratory support with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). The use of CPAP, and in particular Bubble CPAP, has experienced resurgence due in part to reduction in the need for intubation and mechanical ventilation and more important, the reported decrease in BPD from recognized NICU Centers of Excellence.

Bubble CPAP, a breathing assistance system, is showing promising results in decreasing the incidence of chronic lung disease among premature infants. CPAP is a breathing system commonly used in the NICU to deliver heated and humidified airflow and pressure to an infant’s lungs via short nasal prongs in the nose that assists in keeping the infant’s lungs open at end exhalation while allowing them to spontaneously breathe. Bubble CPAP uses a nasal cannula gas delivery system that terminates beneath the surface of a water reservoir generating bubbles. Adding bubbles to the CPAP is proving to be of benefit in effectively treating these infants and allowing them to breathe on their own.

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The Babi.Plus Bubble nCPAP System was designed to provide a simple method for delivery of Bubble CPAP that will allow for focus on the infant and not the devices. The patent pending design delivers accuracy and stability throughout the course of therapy.

Babi.Plus Bubble nCPAP System is comprised of:

Babi.Plus Bubble PAP Valve provides a convenient method to apply positive airway pressure, freeing the clinician to focus on patient care, not the device. The ergonomic design allows airway pressure to be easily set without the cumbersome time-consuming tasks normally associated with building and care of bubble CPAP devices.

The Babi.Plus Bubble PAP Valve received FDA (510k) market clearance in May of 2009 for single patient use delivery of positive end expiratory pressure in patients weighing ≤ 10 kg in hospital environments to increase end lung pressure above atmospheric in a constant flow condition.

Babi.Plus Cannula Kit is packaged with contoured nasal prongs made from non-reactive silicone along with a unique cannula body to provide stability during the course of therapy. The integrated pressure monitoring line allows the monitoring of nasal prong pressure without having lines near the infant’s face. Offered in 8 different sizes, the Babi.Plus cannulas can be used on a wide range of infants, from premature to infant’s ≤ 10 kg. The kit includes a Cap and Tubing Clips for quick application of the circuit and prongs to the Cap.

Babi.Plus Pressure Relief Manifold is a single use device for use with patients weighing ≤ 10 kg. The manifold is designed to prevent breathing circuit pressure from exceeding the preset pressure limit.

The Venti.Plus Single Pole Clamp and Venti.Plus Dual Pole Clamp are sturdy pole clamps designed to support the Babi.Plus Bubble PAP Valve on a typical equipment pole. The Venti.Plus Single Pole Clamp is durable and intended to support weight of ≤ 3.0 kg. The unique Venti.Plus Dual Pole Clamp is intended to support a tandem weight of ≤10 kg of two products on an equipment pole, specifically to hold the Bubble PAP Valve and a humidifier.

The Babi.Plus Bubble CPAP System provides the complete solution for the delivery of Bubble nCPAP, eliminates the time consuming tasks normally associated with assembly and maintenance of hospital assembled CPAP devices.

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