Danny Ties

Unique holder, quilted design minimizes irritation and stabilizes trach

Danny Ties are unique tracheostomy tube holders with a softer and more comfortable fit around the neck for patients of all ages. The patient with a tracheostomy needs to have a tube holder that securely holds the artificial airway in place to prevent accidental decannulation. As important, the tube holder needs to provide a soft, comfortable fit about the neck while minimizing skin irritation under the collar. Danny Ties are made of soft, absorbent cotton that lays smooth at the edges of the collar, minimize skin irritation and reduce skin breakdown under the collar. The patent pending design of the Danny Ties evenly distributes the quilted collar around the neck to minimize pressure points on the skin.

Danny Ties are easy to apply with tapered ends on the collar straps. The ends thread easily through the eyelets of the tracheostomy tube allowing for quick application and changes of the collar position on the smallest of infants and the large adult patient. The collar is engineered to hold its shape, not fold in half around the neck when the patient turns and does not stretch when it absorbs moisture.If soiled, Danny Ties may be washed, dried and reused for the same patient per institutional policy.

Jimmy Proof Straps may be used in conjunction with Danny Ties to reduce risk of accidental disconnects from the ventilator circuit.

Danny Ties are developed with special care by a dad wanting to “make a difference” for his son and change the quality of life for all tracheostomy patients. His engineering expertise and commitment to finding a better solution is found in the Danny Ties.

Features and Benefits

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Sizing / Fitting Guideline

Small fits 6 to 10 inch neck
Medium fits 9 to 20 inch neck
Large fits 19 to 25 inch neck

Ordering Information

Part Number Product Quantity
DWL105001 Danny Ties Small 100 units per case
DWL105001B Danny Ties Small 10 units per box
DWL105002 Danny Ties Medium 100 units per case
DWL105002B Danny Ties Medium 10 units per box
DWL105003 Danny Ties Large 100 units per case
DWL105003B Danny Ties Large 10 units per box

Companion Products

Part Number Product
DWL105005 Jimmy Proof Straps

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Danny Ties is a trademark of Leckie Medical Products, Inc.

Danny Tie - Small
Danny Tie - Small
Danny Tie

Danny Ties
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