GiO Pressure Gauge

Simple method for bedside pressure measurement in an easy to read digital display

The GiO Pressure Gauge provides a simple method for bedside pressure measurement in an easy to read digital display. There are no complicated buttons or display screens with the GiO. Start with two buttons and unlock the possibilities.

The GiO Digital Pressure Gauge can be used in a wide range of applications and clinical settings. GiO is backlit for ease of reading in minimal light environments. Battery operated; the GiO has an auto power off feature to extend the life of the lithium battery. Each GiO gauge is specifically designed for both non-invasive and invasive applications. Portable and compact, GiO can accomplish your pressure monitoring needs.

The GiO pressure gauge can be used in all critical care units; neonatal critical care, delivery rooms, pediatric critical care, adult critical care, pulmonary function labs and special procedure units.

Features and Benefits

Ordering Information

Part Number Product Quantity
GB10 GiO 1 Pressure Gauge 0 to 30 cm H20,
Baby Pink Panel Color
GB20 GiO 2 Pressure Gauge 0 to 80 cm H20,
Sky Blue Panel Color
GB30 GiO 3 Pressure Gauge -30 to 100 cm H20,
Misty Purple Panel Color
GB40 GiO 4 Pressure Gauge -60 to 0 cm H20,
Turquoise Panel Color
R1099 Pressure Line and Transducer Protector Replacement Kit (includes 10 hydrophobic filters, 10 pressure lines & 1 straight connector) 1 box
GN10 NIF Filtration Valve 1

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GiO is a trademark of GaleMed Corporation.

GiO Pressure Guage
GiO Pressure Gauge

GiO set
GiO Package

Gio Pressure Gauge
GiO Pressure Gauge
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